Nose surgery

Today I make 3 years after my nose surgery. It was a surgery destined to solve my breathing problems but also a esthetique one.When I was younger I had an accident on my nose and since then I couldn’t breathe properly. Also I got a bump on my nose that I wanted fixed. So. I went with the surgery and I can breathe very well but my bump wasn’t fixed. Anyway, as everyone says, I should be happy that I can breathe and not worry for the appearance  problems. But now, after the surgery, I got some veins on my nose, purple ones, that annoys me so much.

I tried to live with it, and every time to conceal it with foundation, but nothing. You can still see it with no problem. So I had it enough. Got the phone and called the doctor and made an appointment to a laser clinic.

I’ve read the comments from other people who dealt with this kind of situation and they all recommended the laser and not those injections that destroy the vein once you inject it.

I was not so impressed by the laser, because I tried  twice to get rid of it and nothing. It would reaper after several days. After a few days I had my vein back again and my money token. So, you can understand I was very disappointed.

After a couple of months a friend of mine took me another clinic where I had my vein once again done. I finally got rid of it. I don’t know what why, maybe it’s because of the laser or not but it worked. I am so thankful to my friend and to the doctor of the clinic. I will go back to the clinic for sure, to remove the little hair I have on my face, on my upper lip.  The doctor said she can remove the unwanted hair with no problem and in years will be no hair at all. I can not wait to try a home laser hair removal.

My friend did it and he is very happy with the results. He did it on his chest and after one year he has almost no hair growing again. I think it is totally worth it, and it doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man because the laser work on every gender. All it is important is the hair type and skin type.

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